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Bandcamp Redesign Concept (24hr challenge)

Hi guys…so:

I decided to have a go at redesigning the Bandcamp homepage last night. Here’s where i’m up to so far:

Would welcome your feedback/suggestions for additions & improvements.

I love Bandcamp, but I can’t stand their home page. It feels a bit overwhelming on first view, with a lot of text, playlists and audio players all in a small space. This redesign is an attempt to make it visually more appealing and generally less cluttered.

A few things I’ve attempted to improve thus far:

  1. Overall design has been overhauled and uncluttered a little, but in keeping with the Bandcamp brand colours. I’ve not yet work on an mobile styles but the desktop version is getting there (i think!).
  2. The current Bandcamp home page has a LOT of audio players scattered around. I’ve tried to improve this by using a fixed audio player in the bottom of the screen…click the big play button in the header section and it appears. You can also expand it to reveal the playlist and credits. The idea is that this would be the only player on the main page, so clicking on something in the discover or new records section would update the player in the bottom bar.

Things I still need to do:

  1. Tablet & Mobile Layouts
  2. The Menu. Idea at present is for it to be a full screen menu, with all the links to music feed, account, etc to remove some of the links found dotted around the current Bandcamp home page
  3. Some additions to the audio player (share buttons etc)
  4. Cover art & text for main sections
  5. ?!?!?!?!!!

More ideas to come, I just had the urge to take a shot at it last night! Might take me a few weeks to fully realise the idea.



UPDATE: I decided to make this a 24hr challenge to push myself a little!

I actually got reasonably far, though there’s still a few bits missing:

I did manage to create my footer audio player idea (accompanied expandable playlist). If i’d had a few more hours I would’ve patched in BBPlayer so it actually played a tune or two!

Maybe next time :smile:

PS. I wrote a little piece on Medium about it too:

Hey ;) Great work! One thing you forgot. Add the following code in Custom Code in Header Section:

  .personalmenu { cursor: pointer; }

This will give you the nice cursor while hovering over the opening menu :)

You’re welcome

@bartekkustra - thanks, appreciate it!

I’d definitely like to add some cursor styling, thanks for the input.

As it was a 24hr challenge I kinda ran out of time to add a few things…but I might revisit it at some point :smile:

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looking good! I reckon you should rework the Discover bit. Make it more intuitive… its kind of visually busy as it is.

Great job!

Cheers @Sveky!

Totally agree - i think there needs to be a more efficient way of filtering through the discover section…i’ll have a think about it :smile: