New design for a DJ agency

Hey Webflow-nians,

Thought I would share my latest creation on Webflow. Any feedback would be welcome! I’ve gone for a fixed side Navbar which I’ve never seen before. Too different or ultra cool?


Realy nice, love it! :smiley:
A think it’s a little bit too static, though. Let’s put some life in this beautifull design.
Also, I would link the entire boxes from your bottom section, what do you think ?

Nice work!

Love the style and art direction in your site, great font choice and top drawer photography. :clap:

A couple of UX points: as nice as hamburger animations are, I would make sure you just have a nav bar with instantly clickable links when on desktop. It’s a small thing but it just reduces the amount of clicks / work required from the user. (you can still keep that sweet hamburger animation for mobile and ipad view though!)

Also I agree with what Laurent says about making the entire boxes in the grid section clicable. The hover interaction you have at the moment is super nice, but maybe instead of showing the button you could show a line of text saying “see more”?

Last point, the bio pages for DJs feel a bit text heavy. I would increase the body copy size a bit and make it lighter (or use webkit font smoothing code). Also you in the bios I see you are using a split 50/50 layout, this can be really effective when you have one half of the screen fixed and the other half scrollable. So maybe you could make the text half scrollable and have images fixed in place on the other? It would just give the site a bit more depth!

Great work though!


Yeah good shout about linking the entire boxes at the bottom Laurent. Thanks!

I agree with you Jamie about the 50/50 fixed screen thing and having scrollable text. It’s what my first idea was, but for the life of me I couldn’t work out how to do the scrollable text. You had any luck doing it before?

Cheers for the feed back!


Hi Sprackhaus,

Really sorry for delayed reply been off the forum for a while!

So I’ve never done 50/50 split myself, but I believe the best way to do it is would be to use the columns component inside a full screen width and height section. Set your columns so they fill the width and height of the page. Then, add a background image to one column, and add all your text into the other. I think you would then set the text column to “scrollable” (this is in the overflow options) and the image column you would set to fixed.

Hope this helps in the future! :grimacing:

This is a video of how the site looks on a 28" screen. iMac.

I guess you can see it, but I’ll provide a list as well :slight_smile:

  • The images is not high res enought. You can get images that is 3000px wide under 500kb
  • The images should be top orientated so the heads don’t get cut of or you can give a div about 70-100% padding to keep the window size the same.
  • The text is to long. Sett all paragraphs to max-width: 680px or something like that
  • I think the paragraphs have a to small text size. set the body text size to 100% and the paragraph to 1em.
  • The contact, about and bio sites don’t fill the screen. Make the page min-height: 100vh And let the footer be at the bottom
  • the form is to long and a little too small. Maybe just make the input a bit higher.

Just my opinion. Feel free to disagree or ignore everything :slight_smile:

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thats nice of you giving a 28" review. Top!

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