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New payment plan SaaS site made in Webflow

Man, I love me some Webflow.

We just launched our latest product,, and the marketing site was created in Webflow. helps small business owners and freelancers create set-it-and-forget it payment plans for their clients and customers in under 3 minutes. Super-simple app that deserved a clean, unique marketing site. Pretty stoked with it. Thanks for making my life easier, Webflow!

Check it out at

Here’s the webflow share link: (we made a handful of changes after exporting, but the main layout is here)


It is a very clean design and I love the integration of Animaticons. The two-sided layout works great.

It may be good to add some form of directional arrow to scroll as from first glance it seems like a full-pager, but regardless it works well as a landing page of sorts.


Instead of directional arrows to indicate there is more content, have more of the content show up on the right pane so users see there is more…like a tiny bit of the icon below. The problem to that solution is that you have each thing animate on scroll…so it is invisible initially.

In general I agree that the design does not make it look obvious that you can scroll…especially since a 50/50 layout is reminiscent of a book.

The design is awesome! And of course the scrolling issue is not a thing on mobile, looks much more obviously scrollable there.

@DFerroF1 and @aegnorkeil - great feedback, thank you! I tweaked some margins and the main image size and removed the interaction from that top animaticon so it’s not hidden on load. The top of it peeks out from the bottom of the screen now, making it really clear there’s more to be seen.

Thanks so much for the tip!


Hey Chris!

Love it! Going to give it a test run, but would you mind us talking about how you got started working on the SAAS? What’s the backend like? I would like to build my own SAAS, let’s chat