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First Webflow eCommerce Theme

I hate to do self promotions but I believe this will help a lot of Webflowers out. We have released a theme to help you start selling on Webflow - something that many people are trying to figure out. Please check it out & let me know what you think, thanks! I can answer your Webflow+eCom questions here. :slight_smile: - Chris


Thank you for sharing! I think you’ve done a good job with the overall look and feel. Nice and clean, fresh. The angles work well. Very techy, appropriate to the context. Though it took me a few moments to realise that the theme mentioned isn’t what I was looking at.

There are a few UX issues that I picked up on, on the main site… but I’m assuming that it isn’t quite complete yet so please feel free to discard what’s irrelevant.

  • The arrows by “read tutorial” and “blog” strongly suggest a dropdown where there isn’t one (which there may well be in the future…)
  • I think the second section that displays a testimonial and mobile screenshot could do better without the image behind it. I’d also highlight the “preview theme” as an actual button, as that’s something I’m going to want to see (if I miss it at the top). Perhaps I’d highlight the “preview” blue at the top, rather than the “buy theme” button".
  • Testimonials in a section of their own?
  • The navigation itself is quite confusing, I didn’t notice the “main menu” for some time, and when I did, found it a bit confusing in terms of the links initially presented, and the links that are hidden. I’d probably stick to either having a slide out, or not having one at all.
  • The subscription section on the blog – personally I’d drop a flat, dark grey background in here, or at least darken the image with an overlay, so that it gets the attention it needs (more contrast against the header), and possible increase the font size on the input field.
  • I’m also a big fan of using imagery, but have to restrain myself at times and ask “does it need it…?”
  • On the blog, justify the text left. I don’t think it would hurt to bump the font sizes up either. Check this out: – I find 1:141 works quite nicely.
  • A bit more vertical spacing couldn’t hurt…
  • Blog headings could do with better legibility if they’re sitting on that image.

On the theme itself, I like the concept. Simple, straightforward and ideal if you’re wanting to sell or bring focus to a single product.

  • “This offer ends soon” – should this be more obvious? I only saw it only my 3rd look.
  • I would keep the presentation of the product image simple, rectangular and flat. So I can get a good look at it…
  • Perhaps the price could be a little more obvious.
  • Why is there a profile picture?

Hope some of that helps, looking forward to seeing more creations.

Thank you so much Joe for the epic advice & insights! :slight_smile:

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A pleasure, Khalada.