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Hello everyone! Just wanted to share my new project. My client had an old site that looked like this:

You get the point, it was very old, tons of sub-pages, all non-responsive, and definitely not mobile friendly.

So we slapped on a new design using Webflow, and created this!

My client can create new jobs using the CMS editor. Jobs will show up here:

Clients can apply using Webflow’s built in form. I connected the form via Zapier integration (free), which then spits the information back to Webflow CMS. My client didn’t want to upgrade to the business license in order to have the “upload resume” button. So I used a super easy integration via (also free)

Using the editor mode, the client can access the applicant pages via CMS. That portion will be hidden of course, from google searches or bots. I hope webflow creates a way to lock the entire section more securely, but for now, this will do.

Feel free to share your thoughts or comments!

Hi there,

I really like it - strong colour theme and elements of simplicity which are great.

One thing I noticed was that the homepage slider is quite fast both in time that the content is viewable and the transition itself.

The only other thing is perhaps the visual hierarchy on the slider - main text is a less-bold font to the sub text area and the eyes isn’t quite sure where to go.

Other than that, reads really well upon scrolling, use of white space along with color scheme is also good. Nice one!