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I just made a fully responsive website for the first time and it's all Webflow's fault

So it’s not nearly as cool as some of the stuff I’ve seen in here and there’s still work to be done, but I’m just so thrilled that I was able to do this myself. I seriously would have never been able to make something like this without webflow. You guys kick all of the ass.


congrats! Welcome to the club! =D

great job with the site.

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There is nothing underwhelming about this website! Congrats on your achievements! Looking forward to seeing more of your work

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Great site Chris ! Very pleasing to my eyeballs :smile:

I totally have the same feeling. Webflow is so empowering! Great job on the site, it looks really clean and well done.


how did you make that pricing structure table? i’ve been trying to do something similar but i’m stuck. thanks.

Hey @khemingsen, sorry for the delay. It was a pain in the ass, honestly, and there’s probably a more straightforward way of doing it. It’s just 3 columns with a crap-ton of div blocks.

Here’s the public link if you want to tinker with it -

thanks @Chris_Scott!

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