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[New] Menu Widget

You guys are awesome!!! Thanks for this widget :slight_smile: I don’t have to create whole nav by myself now!!! :)))))))

Mod Edit: We posted more details about the new Navbar component here: Navbar: Initial Release!


Yeah working with it right now. Looks very good.

oh dude… that is soooo sweet… you guys are… snif… i have a tear in my eye… snif…

Me love you long time, tks, realy tks :slight_smile:

There’s a very strange bug when copy/pasting the complete Nav Bar widget. When copy pasting the widget (which i styled), and paste it in another page, the contents are duplicated or even triplicated (is that a word?). But the duplicated elements seem to be buggy and cannot be deleted because in the navigator they are not visible.

I even tried to copy/paste a non-styled (standard) Navbar… This problem then also occurs. Try it yourself.

Hope it can be fixed :smile:

This is how it looks when the default navbar is copy/pasted:

ok, that’s an awesome new feature :slight_smile:

@rowan Thanks for the heads up! We’re on it.

Ok @rowan, this should be fixed. :facepunch: Thanks for the super quick bug report!


It does!! :facepunch: