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New feature: right-click context menu

Hey everyone!

Right clicking in Webflow just got a whole lot more useful.

Now, instead of the boring old browser default menu, you’ll see an awesome Webflow menu packed with useful options, including Copy, Paste, and Duplicate. Not to mention some nifty new features like Pick Parent Element, which lets you easily select any element’s parent.

It’s live, and you can try it in the Designer right now!


It will make our work even faster :smiley: Thank you guys, you are awesome!


Awesome! Great minds think alike. :wink: Had been wondering if this would be a good feature to add to the wishlist for awhile now. You guys launched it before I even made a move. A small but very convenient addition. Great work! Keep it coming!


Diana :smiley:

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Awesome! Paves the way for some new features I bet, too.

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I’m in web development Heaven :heart::heart_eyes:
Thank you guys for all these new features!!! :kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_closed_eyes:

webflow feels to me like flash back in the days when it was great and from macromedia :wink: never had so much fun in webdesign since 2001

Please add “Wrap with block container” shortcut there.


Please add a copy-paste CSS Style feature and Shift+Click to allow the selection of multiple items. Also, thanks for this new contextual menu.


Would be a great place to put a ‘recent styes’ selector.

Not wanting to be rude, but why choose this instead of improving global color or delete multiple photos in assets …

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@lucaspchara This feature was actually a byproduct of some low-level (still invisible) improvements we’re making to make more rich element and CSS copy paste (including between different sites!) - and adding a context menu was just a little flourish that came as a bonus (and helps new users get started).

We’re already working on a completely overhauled asset manager, so improvements there are coming :smile:

@Maciej Great idea! Looking into it :smile:


hmmm…do I also see a white label option now in the dashboard…when did that show up?

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I personally did not immediately feel the usefulness of this. It even felt as bloat. I am not saying it is not useful; I just did not get such a feeling at first try. I wonder if it would help new users get started, given that I cannot immediately grasp it as an experienced user.

(Btw I feel the same way about the bottom bar. It does have its application, but I realized it quite late. I wish there was a way to toggle it off when I wish, as it takes up screen space while at the same time I am rarely using it.)

Does it work only inside the design pane? I tried to activate it by right-clicking in the Navigator, but nothing seemed to appear there.

Great man!

I really miss the ability to use the interactions that I already set in other site. Always I have to redo the same interaction. Its a pain.

I know you guys going to sort this kind of trouble in the future!

Also it would be good to have right click menu in right panel with list of elements. Sometimes it’s hard to aim to click click specific element on the center pane.

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That’s a great way to start my day today! Thanks for this feature

Excellent! Looking forward to see the context menus implemented in the toolbar on the right too!

Yes. looking forward to that tooooooooo!

This is very useful, thanks Webflow! I like using it to paste elements in before and after items especially in columns. :smiley:

Isn’t the bottom bar supposed to help one find the parent elements?