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Navbar Bug when using as a Symbol [FIXED]

I discovered a bug (I think) when using the navbar slide from right/left as a symbol.
When editing a symbol, all other content is grayed out. However when editing this kind of navbar, the actual menu is also grayed out. Very annoying to do correct styling. See below images.

Any solution for this?

Thanks @rowan, we’ll take a look!

Hi @danro

Another question… When using navbar as Fixed to Right, it’s not recognizing section linking correctly anymore. Using the same navbar as Fixed to Top does work correct.

Is this a known problem? I would love to hear a solution for this! :blush:


@rowan Ah, you’ve found an overly helpful feature of our auto-scroll script. What happens is, any time there is a Navbar directly under the body element, it applies the offset height to the scroll. This helps users in the most common use case where someone has a fixed Navbar.

A couple different workarounds you could use:

  1. If you don’t need a Navbar, simply use regular Link Blocks in a fixed Wrapper.
  2. If you do need one, wrap the Navbar in another div, so it ends up: Body > Wrap > Navbar

Sorry about the confusion!

@danro @callmevlad @thesergie
Is there something going on with the navbar? Suddenly on all of my websites the fold-out menu of a navbar has moved 50 pixels to the right. :sob:

Thanks @rowan, the 50px issue should be fixed now if you reload.

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alright, nice! :punch:

Hey @rowan, we just pushed a fix for this - sorry for the delay. Can you give it a shot and see if it works well for you?

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horoshooo! cool looks like it’s working correct now. :punch:

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