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Navbar Submenus?

Doing websites with super-simple, one level navigation are usually my preference, but not really the norm. Will there be an upcoming release of the Navbar widget that will allow for multiple levels of navigation?


Hi @bcfanboy we do plan on adding a dropdown element that can be placed in the navigation. We don’t have an exact ETA when this will be available, but we do have it in our roadmap.

Any update on this feature?? There’s not enough reason to use webflow to save me development time if it can’t even help create submenu navigation items for me. If I still hear it is “under development” or there’s a “hack” for it, don’t bother replying. I see this was in development from last year.

Thanks for your patience @Brady_Lanter. We’re actually working on it right now! We’ll keep you posted on progress.


This is great news! The other solutions out there don’t measure up as well to webflow!

It is great news, thanks guys for your constant updates…

But… how long is it likely to be - a matter of days, weeks or months?

I am just about to start a new project and will need this so the timescales really do affect how I will approach the job - I know it’s very difficult to be exact but any indication of likely timescales would be helpful.

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I also would really like to see this feature added asap, it’s holding up a project I’m working on.


If you need more vocal cheering for this feature add me to the list.

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Add me to the list as well.

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Like @pixelace, I’m about to refactor a site that uses a lot of js plugin stuff for menus and would love to use webflow native widgets instead. I’m sure the nav and page controls are keeping folks busy, but it would be good to know if we’re looking at a couple of weeks vs. maybe months on this one.

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I really need a way to do this as well. Any idea when this feature may be ready?

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Hey guys thanks for your patience! We’re shooting for this week sometime, but may bleed over to next week.

Update: We ran into some technical hurdles on this feature. We’re hoping to release it asap. Thanks for your patience!


Any news on this?I am just thinking about a paid account. But it would be interesting to know about your road map in such features? Do you make your features in progress public?


So; how’s the update going?

Any updates on this?

Hey @florian, the Webflow dev team is about as transparent about coming features as it’s possible to be given the vagaries of development schedules. Sometimes they estimate releases (like this one) and miss, but on balance the pace of improvements has been screamin’ since they launched, they’re extremely responsive to customer input, and do amazing things.

As the product has grown, the complexity and scope of each added feature gets bigger and bigger, so I expect that they’ll be challenged to post ETAs until features are well into testing - there’s just too much that can happen along the way. But I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a product team that’s more transparent and responsive, and Webflow is the first product of its kind that I’ve felt warranted a paid subscription. And I’ve looked at most and tried a few.

Allen is right - we’re realizing that it’s getting harder to predict launch dates for features, and we’ll most likely refrain from giving you guys dates since recently we haven’t been very accurate. :slight_smile:

We were very close to launching this feature, but ran into some technical hurdles right before launch. We’ve been refactoring the code so that we can release the best widget for all Webflow users.

Thanks for your patience and support guys!

I’m so glad this feature has been released! The end product was worth the wait. Great job Webflow team!

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Hi Guys, is this Navbar submenu available and if so is there any documentation in how to use it?


I need it as well. eager to see what webflow does with it… also need mega menus