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New idea in the whishlist: Search and filter feature for the Navigator tab

For sure you’re regularly in the need of listing particular elements, finding where an IX trigger is, listing all the symbols, finding or making sure there’s a custom code block somewhere, updating all the links…

And you whish you had a search feature in the Designer.

If you would like to use something like this:


Then vote for the idea on the whishlist!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Great idea. This reminded me of my own need to have toggle visibility icons near elements. I created a related whishlist idea for this


Interestin @Maciej.

However, this must be difficult to develop. HTML is a flow of elements. So the position of elements depends on the elements before them. Removing some can lead to a giant mess.

This should be very simple to develop… The toggle should simply hide and show the element. No problem if the element causes the reflow of the document - actually that’s the goal. Example: I design a wizard with 3 steps, so I keep all steps in one wrapper and use custom JS to show or hide specific step. Now I can do this by adding a combo class “is-hidden” with “display: none” but it would be much more productive to toggle this with a keyboard shortcut. So that I can just traverse the DOM with arrows and then hit Cmd+H to toggle visibility of selected element.

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