Idea to expand the functionality of quick find

I’m a big fan of the quick find menu (ctrl/cmd + E)

I was thinking it’d be awesome if we could use some notation to do things like:

  • add classes to elements
  • add id’s
  • etc

by using a certain notation like:

  • ctrl+e → search “div.wrapper” – This would create a div with the class wrapper into the canvas.
  • search “form#contact-form” would create a form with an id of “contact-form”

This opens up alot of new tips and tricks to speed up your workflow, and reduce the amount of clicks needed during construction.

Let me know what you guys think, or if I make any sense.

Hey Christian check out the Webflow Wishlist,
It’s where you can add these kinds of ideas and the community can upvote them.

I voted for a wishlist item which sounds just like this: Add an element with class applied | Webflow Wishlist

Good point, will do.