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Please, please! ADD this feature as soon as possible


Please add the ability to show/hide elements from within the navigator.

Atm i have a few ‘floating’ sections that only appear when a link has been clicked, via interactions.
Problem is that these elements remain in the design view, and get in the way of other elements that you are working on, or even worse block your view!

Please add an eye icon toggle in the navigator for each element, so the user can switch the ones they want on/off depending on their current needs.



I think there is a workaround for that, not really a workaround, more than a best practice.

  1. design your element, section, panel… whatever it is
  2. create the interaction, starting with the element being
    display:none, then making is appear
  3. now, you can just click on display:none in the designer, your
    element is invisible, out of your way.

And now, your interaction will work either if your element is display:box or none in the designer, because it has no effect on how the interaction works. There are some sliding menus set like that in some Webflow templates.


Cool little work around! I guess this will have to do, until a proper solution becomes available.


You can prefix the name of these sections with something like HIDDEN. That way it’s easier to spot and select them later on, because you can forget how it did work. You can see some people in the forum have trouble to select such hidden elements on website they didn’t create, when they use a template for example.

So yes, this could be simpler, but I don’t know how it should work.

Wow thanks Vincent! I was looking for the same functionality to hide some sidebar fly outs while editing. I used positioning to move them off the page but this seems like a much better workaround. Thanks!

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