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New Google Analytics not working?

I am trying to set up Google Analytics and it looks like it has changed. I am using the measurement stream ID (see screenshot) and pasting that into the Google Analytics portion of the site settings in Webflow (see screenshot) but no luck. Am I doing something wrong?

Webflow project settings for GA don’t support the new GA4 implementation. If you want to run that in addition or in place of, you would need add it either with gtag.js or GTM. Refer to the Google Analytics docs for more info.

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Grab the code under Global Site Tag, paste it in your Project Settings under Custom Code. Save changes and publish your site.

Then go to your site and separately monitor with Analytics realtime you should see current visitor available. That should do it.


since Nov 3rd, my google analytics ecommerce tracking has stopped… I have made no edits to the implementation…

i am using the built in integrations feature in webflow.

suddenly today my real-time tracking reset. 1 minute there were 9 active visitors, 2 minutes later it’s showing no visitors for the past 30 mins of real-time tracking?!? Now it seems to be tracking again, but how can I be 100% sure it’s accurate?

any ideas anyone?

This topic is about GA4, not built in Google analytics. That said, Google analytics accuracy is affected by browsers blocking tracking scripts for one. You would be better served researching this online and referring to Google’s documentation and forums for more in depth into.

I have same issue but different story. There’s also opportunity to create universal property which give UA type of tracker and seems not using GA4. DNS text done. GA doesn’t show me visiting what can be the problem?

@webdev what advice would you have for a setting up Google Analytics today for Webflow users? I am trying to do this and running into similar problems because I don’t have a tracking id only a measurement ID. How do I find my tracking ID?