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Google Analytics Not Working | Multiple Tag Errors | Please Help


I hope everyone is doing well!

I am getting an error while setting up Google Analytics and it has had me stumped for a few hours. I would really appreciate any help finding a solution.

I followed the instructions to set up Google Analytics exactly as outlined in this Webflow University video. Unfortunately, my results were not the same as in the video.

  1. The realtime stats on google analytics would not work. Which made me look deeper.
  2. After using Google Tag Assistant to do some troubleshooting, it looks like there is something wrong on the webflow end. Here are some screenshots from the Google Tag Assistant after loading my website home page.

Here are the details after you click on the error.

Here is a link to my website so maybe you can inspect the source code. Please note the website is still under development. Thank you again. Please let me know if you need more info or have questions. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Are you using GA 4 ?
If so, it’s apparently not yet compatible with the native GA integration feature in Webflow. You’ll need to add the entire Google site tag in the Head section of each page (or in the Head section in the integration settings panel).

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Thank you for the quick reply!

Yes, I am using GA 4 - as does the Webflow university video I shared in my original post. That is why I was so confused when it wasn’t working for me.

It seems that all it needed was some time! After waiting a day, and changing nothing, the real time stats on google analytics started working. Note, the Google Tag Assistant still displays an error when I load my website, even though the tag seems to be working.

Seems the problem fixed itself but perhaps this might help someone encountering the same problem! If your google analytics doesn’t work, just double check you followed the instructions and give it some time! A day later, my real-time data is updating within a minute of opening my website on a new device.

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