Google Analytics can't be added

Hey folks,

When I paste my analytics Universal Tracking ID in Webflow, I get this:
Screenshot 2020-11-02 at 14.06.55

Any help?

This looks like a GA4 tracking id. GA4 is not supported by Webflow yet

Hmm okay, I don’t see an option to get UA code instead, any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Hi i have not started to use GA4 yet. My guess is that you can choose betwen GA3 and 4 whan you start a new propertie

True, for now doesn’t work with v4.

You can use Custom Code tab in Webflow Settings.

Go to Data Streams > Web, copy this code:

Paste into head code in Webflow:

@JanneWassberg, I didn’t get the option to choose between GA3 and 4 when i was setting up today but using custom code worked!

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I will recommend searching for “Double-check your Google Universal
Analytics Tracking ID and try again” in the forum. You will hopefully
get a solution to this issue.

Did Webflow update this? It’s accepting my G-… code without errors, but I’m not sure if it’s actually checking: it’s a customer’s account.

I would ONLY install the code via Google Tag Manager and not directly in the code. This will make things run much more smoothly and provide better scalability.