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My Google Analytics Doesn't Show Real Traffic

Last week, I used “Integration” tab on project setting to implement analytics like in this guide

To be make sure, i also used different analytics tracking code into “Custom Code” tab and also implemented via Google Tag Manager.

Based on Google Tag Manager preview, my analytics tag is fired and i see Google Tag Assistant says that green & blue colour on the analytics tab (see image below).

But my GA doesn’t show any real time traffic at all. And also i notice that some page has no analytics tag, like what i see on google tag assistant (See two images below). Is there something i missed to implement? really need help. Thanks in advance.

One page with blue analytics tag on google tag assistant

Another page in same domain doesnt show blue analytics tag on google tag assistant

Here is my site Read-Only:

No answer for this yet? I am trying to figure out my setup issues as well. Is there some reason a post would be left without responses for 3 months?