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Google Analytics 4 setup in Webflow 2021

I simply want to track page hits on my site but I’m finding it very difficult to understand GA4 website analytics tracking and find up to date how-to’s on connecting new Webflow site pages with GA4. I’m guessing the old UA-##### codes are no longer generated… how do we get the replacement analytics code to place on the site. (Shouldn’t webflow create an updated video how-to on this subject?)

I’ve spent over an hour trying to find the embed code on GA4 but many support docs and videos are slightly out of date and refer to broken menu ‘paths’ to get the code.

Thank you for your time.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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On same google account install both (ga-3. And ga-4). Not instead.

Ga-4 “not ready” yet - a lot of reports missing on ga-4 for now.

On webflow you only do “copy paste”.

Follow this:

** or use google tag manager.