New feature: Exclude current item in dynamic lists

Heads up! Now you can filter a Dynamic List to exclude the Collection Item a user is currently viewing.

In other words, that “Related Posts” list on your blog won’t show the same post someone is reading anymore—as long as you set the filter to “is not” current item. If you do want it to display only the current item, set the dropdown to “is.”

You’ll see this filter option for every Dynamic List on a detail page when the Collections match.


This is a great feature thanks.

What about the opposite, highlighting the current item in a list? Like the how current works in the navigation widget.

This in an excellent feature that I’m super glad to see available!

This is fantastic! Nice work. I always wanted something like this within Squarespaces summary block.

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We wanted it, you made it! Thanks and good job :slight_smile:

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They just added this feature!

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Great, thanks for notifying :smile:. Will check that out.

@svzdesign How do you manage that? Just tried this but it´s the same as before. If I put a dynamic list inside a template I want to highlight (or whatever) the item in the list that equal to the template. Just like how the navbar works with current item. I dont want to exclude any items just style the current.

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Ok I’ll see that I not played around with this as much as I should. What I can do is that I add a div inside a dynamic list element and with conditions control wether it should show or not.

What I would see though is a way to design directly on the element inside the DML. Like a if statement. If this heading is the current one move it 10 px to the right and change color to red.

banging my head. I was using visibility instead of filter to hide my current post. gracias!!