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New Feature: Conditional Visibility

Hi, folks. We just launched conditional visibility for dynamic site elements!

Now you can show or hide dynamic content based on conditions you define. It works a lot like dynamic list filters, but for all kinds of site elements, instead of just Collection Items. You can find it in the Settings panel when you select any dynamic element.

This lets you do things like:

Conditional visibility works across the designer, CMS, and your published sites.


Wonderful! This feature is what I was just going to need!

It is obvious you guys are using the liquid engine open sourced by Shopify. You guys are doing it well without coding, it is amazing!

Really nice! :slight_smile: Thanx

I feel like I’m living the song: 12 days of Christmas :laughing:
Each day a new gift from the WF dev team. THANKS GUYS and Happy Holidays!
Hope we can all make Webflow Awesome-er in 2016. Cheers!!!


Looks awesome! Is it possible to have a slideshow with a certain set of slides, depending on the amount of images you add to the data collection?
For example: I have 5 image fields in the CMS. For the first collection item I upload 3 images, for the second collection I upload 5 images. I create a slideshow with 5 slides, each slide being one of the images. Now I only want the 4th and 5th slide to display on the collection where the 4th and 5th image have been uploaded.

This is a great update, thanks Webflow team!

I tried it with sliders, it’s not hiding slides. But is acting weird, maybe a bug here.
But it does work with tabs. It hides tabs.

Trying it but it seems to be acting up for me.
Setting a Language field in a blog post collection and if it’s set to a native language other than english it shows an item on the template page that picks the category name form another field “Name [language]”
Also tried showing an alternate menu etc, but nope, it don’t want to :wink:

Awesome - great news!
Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback guys! We’ll look into these bugs.


You can do this with image elements but not with a slider. That would require a separate dynamic slider component which we do not have yet.

Perfect, thanks for this!

Great update! I’m using a dynamic list as navigation and want to highlight the current post but still want all the other items visible, it seems that I have to make two lists, one with highlight and one with the others is that correct?

Edit: Ok, I get how it works now! :grinning:

Frustrating -.- …
I Integrated the conditional visibility feature, to display objects depending on if special link fields are empty or not.

But these conditions don´t work and now changed the structure of InLearnity with a broken website as a result… arghhh

The non displayed sources are only one of multiple bugs, caused by the non working conditions…

The conditions seem to be fine, but are not working…
Any idea how to solve it? :frowning:

Hi @callmevlad @thesergie @PixelGeek @cyberdave sorry to bother you directly know you’re all real busy, but are there issues with the new “Conditionals” Functionality, I have been trying to work with it now since release and for the life of me I can’t get it to function correctly!?

Thanks a lot, Aaron.

Love it so far. Will it be a future update to allow conditional formatting based off of all dynamic fields? Right now I don’t see any url fields as a reference.

Use case: Hide if url for video is not set.

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@mDesign @Aaron Can you guys please create separate posts with more details on the bugs that you are seeing? Please include a) a read-only link to your site (or ideally a link to a new minimal site with just the bug isolated) b) the behavior you expect and c) the behavior you are seeing. Thank you!

Hi @callmevlad, I had done that, but was waiting for a response from one of the team, but no worries @bart got back to me, letting me know there is an issue with rich text fields and the system thinking they’re filled even when empty.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Aaron

That sucks…
Any way to solve this? A different kind of slider?