Exclude current item in list filter not available

According to New feature: Exclude current item in dynamic lists it should be possible to exclude the current item in a CMS list, e.g. to avoid the current item from showing up in a “related posts” list.

However when I try to add this filter I do not see any such option:

( I did scroll down in this list, there is no “Post” option )

Is this feature no longer working?

Hi Tomme, you’ll need to share your readonly designer link, from the page you’re working on, plus details of exactly where you’d like the community to have a look to help you.

It’s a propietary project and so I cannot share a designer link, but I made a screen recording to showcase the issue: Bubbles - Teamwork. On your time.

You’re on the Comparisons page, so it has a Comparisons context.

  • In your collection list bound to Comparisons, you have the option to relate it to that context ( is / is not ).
  • Your collection list bound to Blogs has no relationship to Comparisons.