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New Feature: Relative Date Filtering

As a follow-up to custom dynamic list ranges, you can now filter dynamic lists using a start date of “Today,” (i.e., the day a person views them).

This lets you create dynamic lists and pages that update automatically over time. So, you could create lists of events for “today” or “next week,” or highlight your top blog posts from “last year.”

Even better, if you filter by automatic fields like “created on,” your dynamic list will update automatically as your clients add and change items. This works as you’d expect with dynamic list ranges and pagination.

Let us know if you have questions, comments, or bug reports!

Note: CMS-driven websites are cached for 12-hour periods, so date-sensitive content will update twice in one day.


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@Adrian what is the function of this feature ?

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Whoa. This is kind of weird. I’m on the forums 20 minutes ago talking about a native events calendar, and it looks like this is the feature I thought was missing that I needed.

Requires further investigation, but … freaky.

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Same here!! Hope it does what I think it does!
Let me go check :smile:

Ok Great, It’s ALMOST what I was looking for.

However, @Adrian ,
With this feature I will be able to create a Happening Today event. But for my past events and upcoming events, it will always include the current one, as the “From” field is set to Today and seems like it cannot be changed to Tomorrow and yesterday for example :confused:

Plus, Let’s say I have an exhibition from Date A to Date B. How can I create a dynamic list of 1 item displaying the Current exhibition?


So with this could I prep 10 blog posts and not have them visible until a specific date?


Adding Tomorrow and Yesterday is a great idea! We’ll see if that’s easy to add.

Plus, Let’s say I have an exhibition from Date A to Date B. How can I create a dynamic list of 1 item displaying the Current exhibition

Specific date range filtering isn’t supported yet.

Oh snap! Yeah it’s totally possible. :beers:


Yet? means there’s hope YEAY :relaxed:
Thank You @thesergie

Is it possible to use date filtering to display posts up to a certain date? (held in a record called ‘stop date’?

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@Hywel Not at the moment but we will support more specific date filtering later. Scratch that: See comment below…

That would be cool, I can think of lots of possible uses for this - live articles, events, up/down publish dates etc

@thesergie : Sorry for bringing this up again, but I have to ask.
Im making events that have a start date and a stop date. Is i possible to make the event disappear automatically after the stop date with the filtering options? I cant seem to get my head around it.
I guess that’s what @Hywel was asking?

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@Hywel @krubens Actually it should work fine if you set up the filter correctly. I just created two fields - Start Date and End Date. Here I have a list of events and filter by End Date is 6 months in the future. If i don’t want to include a date that can be in progress I can use “Start Date is 6 months in the future” filter instead.

This is what’s set for the top event. So it’s showing up on the list while the event “End Date” has not been reached. (I’m comparing it to today which is 2/16/2016)

Note: If you really want you can even add a label and add condition visibility so that it only appears when an event is currently LIVE in this Upcoming Events list. You can just have it be visible if the start date is in the past.


Thank you @thesergie. I couldn’t get my head around it, but it seems to work great.

Is there any way to use this to create a type functionality? I have a bunch of items in a collection that I’d like to be able to sort and have them show/hide ones that match.

Hi @thesergie
I don’t think this helps. I am dealing live events which should not show after the event date. There is no relationship between the date the item was set up and the event date - could be a day or a month, so how do I stop the item being published when today is greater than the event date?


I think I need help on a similar thing.
I have a site I am working on that displays 6 new shows each week, then has a section below showing the previous weeks 6 picks. I cannot work it out… currently just have an active/inactive switch to populate the previous week but want to have a way to tell CMS to 'display only shows added between 10th & 16th September"…

Does that make any sense? displaying content based on specific date ranges…

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Hey Dave, did you get anywhere with this? If seems to be coming up time and time again; a radio station also needs it for upcoming events. It’d be great to incorporate this feature