New feature: CSS cursors

Hey everyone,

Andrew@webflow here, happy to announce another feature: CSS Cursors! Now you can choose what type of cursor people will see when they hover over an element.

To choose your cursor, open the Effects section of the Styles panel and click the cursor icon.

To see a preview of what the cursor will look like in the browser you’re using, just hover over the various options.

The cursor you choose won’t appear while you’re working in the Designer, but rest assured, you’ll see it on your published site, and in Preview mode.

Let us know what you think!


Great addition guys!

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We are getting new features almost every day, thanks Webflow!


Wow awesome!.. just shows you, the best never stops! Great work Webflow!

Thats a great new feature guys! Congrats and lets keep Webflow growing!

Very cool! Now I need to brainstorm ideas for scenarios to use all these cursors!



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I love this.

Just one thing. For the context-menu cursor. What is that, how is that different than normal cursor. If I want have a text follow the cursor like (click anywhere to close). is this cursor will help?

Awesome!! Great work guys! Will you be allowing us to upload our own svg/png images as a cursor skin in the future?

Great Feature thanks very much!

Y’all are spoiling us with all these new releases! Fantastic work!

Great work, thank you so much Webflow team :heart:

I like it! So glad it works with Windows too. This is the perfect customisation I need! Can’t wait to see awesome features like this one!

We’re Not W-o-r-t-h-y-!


Webflow keeps adding new features, which is one of the many reasons I love it! The details are the difference between average and exceptional, and this new cursor feature proves that! :+1:


Amazeballs! Thanks for the addition.

This is a loving addition. Seems more interaction animation could be on the way. Drag slide interaction and drag gestures to web flow slider would be my favourite, esp for the drag cursor . It will come useful and handy. No point having cursor without no use case.

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