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Suggestion: Cursor Control

Would be cool to define .hovered-button {cursor: pointer;}



Thanks for the suggestion! Wait, that’s the default for buttons right now. Why would you want to define it?

I’d like to be able to define it for any element, i.e. using js to open/close a model window (cursor hints at an action item)…but now that I know the button element has this, I’ll just use that and restyle it for now.

Would you want it for clickable elements (links, buttons, link blocks)? Or you’re thinking anything?

I think it should be as flexible as css allows it to be…maybe just add a section in the “type” area for cursor option.


The current best-practices modal popup results in elements (like the close button) that need cursor:pointer. I’m working around it by setting it via jquery, but that’s lame-o.

Thanks for the feedback @thunder and @pingram3541 . We’ve added cursor customization to our list. We’ll probably add it to another panel at the bottom of the style panel. Do you envision showing all the cursors shown here?

Yes, everything that is in spec for the cursor property should be allowed. Thanks!

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I currently only need pointer, but I can easily imagine wanting others. Whether you need the full list–I’m not sure. A couple are repeated, at least on Chrome/OSX, so I’m not sure about those.

Maybe if you built it as a menu of images (instead of a flat list), it wouldn’t feel so daunting?

In any case - thanks!

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Yep that’s what we’re thinking.

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I moved a post to a new topic: Cursors don’t change on button hover

Working now on preview.