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Attention to the beloved Webflowers out there!

With this great new feature we could do so much more now.

Before this feature, whenever the pointer cursor is needed … we had to use a link block… now we could use anything.

But my question is … for the best practice and semantic-ness of our code … should we still use a link or should we use a div block now for ui elements, like buttons, actions, icons … etc that are merely for in page actions and no linking is actually needed? Eg. modal popups.

What is your 10cents on this topic?

Please share.



In most of the case when you want a custom cusor it’s the hand/link cursor. So you should continue to use a link block wrapper, as you want a link behind the cursor, right?

Use the new cursor feature mainly for interactions: when you need to unfold things, trigger click interactions, then use the new cursor feature, with the link cursor (hand).

There aren’t a lot of use case for the other cursors at the moment. Don’t go crazy using them or you will confuse your users like of they were in 1999 when cursor were animted, blinking, leaking rainbows… :slight_smile:

All of these aren’t really rules, rather common sense.


Hi @vincent!

Thanks for the response.

I understand what you’re getting to here, but my question is what if a link is not needed behind the cursor but just the link cursor … the pointer is.

Reason is, currently I have a lot of action buttons … eg. modal popups and yes other interaction elements … which had all been previously created with link blocks … now with this new feature, in your recommendation should I recreate them all with simple divs if no links are needed or keep on using link blocks … so when I do need to link anything … I can do it without the need of recreation.

I hope I made myself clear enough.



I don’t see a real reason to redo what already works. I don’t think there is a SEO harm to let link blocks for only the cursor reason.

From now on, it’s better to use only div + cursor for interaction triggers, but don’t redo the previous elements just for that.

Again it’s only my opinion :slight_smile:


Thanks @vincent for the valuable opinion! :smiley:

Come to think of it. The link blocks does have another benefit. Because link blocks would append a slug to the url of your page when id is defined … thus, giving you a somewhat unique url when your modal is opened.

Just a thought.



But click it again to close it and the slug is stil the same. I see where you go here, but really, URL manipulation shouts for a good JS development. :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Yeah, you’re right. Thanks for the heads up.

Wish url manipulation would be easier. :disappointed:

Well, you certainly wished web design would be easier and Webflow did it. :slight_smile: So you can go write a post in the Whish List category to ask for what you would like in terms of URL manipulation :slight_smile:

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