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Customising cursors on slider

Before I buy a hosting plan I’d like to see if a couple of design features are possible (preferably without custom code)

I’d like to create a slider with custom cursor left and right arrows
…as far as I can tell, the only customisation to the cursors are limited to the 30 or so standard options.

In general, on any CMS/Builder/Theme/JS Slider you won’t find custom png/jpeg/SVG cursor as an option (This is a very specific task).

how to (less than 1 minute):

  1. Add small image to webflow (less than 128px)

  2. Designer --> Left menu (Go to assets (J shortcut) )

  3. select the image and click on the GEAR icon

  4. Open image

  5. Copy image URL

  6. Custom code (before head) Paste this url ():

.custom {
  cursor: url(paste-her-the-url-from-step-5.png), auto;

  1. Webflow tree - add class named .custom to element X. Publish the site and test the live url.


This is not why you should decide webflow yes/no.
Start your site then add a read-only link and webflow forum members will guide you (Very easy issue).


thank you so much
I knew somehow it would be possible - webflow is so well thought through!

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