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Found another site trying to do what webflow does

Came across another site trying to do what webflow is does

Haven’t tried them yet. Webflow plans seem to be much better.

The limited on exported would be a no deal for me.

It’s a drawing approach, like Macaw. This has lead Macaw to be so buggy that you can barely use it.

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I tried Macaw. It was awful.

If Webydo is as bad as Macaw… they will sink like the Titanic.

I came across PineGrow. Was not impressed.

What’s impressive with Webflow is that it’s like styling a website manually. Everything you do when styling relate to something you’d have done with code. It helps having confidence in the tool. It’s not the Macaw and others approach of ‘draw whatever we will turn it into code’… this kinda frighten me. Photoshop CS5 was able to render anything to a webpage… meaning lots of slices placed with position:absolute in a grid. That’s code, that works, that isn’t what we want.

I’d be ashame turning PS code to clients, same applies to Macaw. I’m kind of proud using Webflow for clients and have never hidden it from them.

I wonder how the logic of Webflow interaction remains close to what you’d have done manually… I’m not a coder so I know little. @bartekkustra do you have an opinion on this?


I tested Webydo extensively before finding Webflow. There really isn’t any comparison, Webflow is simply the better product. I would say that Webydo is more like Wix only with more bugs and it lets you export code. I can’t count how many times I had to delete content because the text editor would freeze and not let you format previously formatted text. The big thing for me was screen reader compatibility. Webydo generated code that did weird things for screen readers. I think their code is absolute positioning so they simply publish the HTML in the order that you created it in the editor. Which means that if you created the footer first in Webydo a Screen reader will read the footer first and then whatever was created next. The only way to fix it at the time (a few months ago) was to delete your work and make sure you created everything in the right order. At the time screen readers were not able to read their links properly or anything in a slider. Webflow has been amazing when testing with screen readers.

The things I did like about it were the landscape tablet view (though it wasn’t truly responsive) and the white-label/host reselling and design lock down. Those things were not enough to keep me, so i chose Webflow.

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Thanks @vincent :)

Well… I always love to use my own custom code since it gives me more freedom and control over other things. Webflow Interactions are fantastic, but they are not 100% what I need. I want to have full control over what’s going on on the website! Interactions can fill the gap of showing stuff related to sliders, tabs… But hovers and clicks are definately something I want to create from hand. It’s just the way I work. I want to have an ability to simply switch another trigger in the meantime. Sometimes I use more advanced techniques thanks to jQuery that Webflow itself wouldn’t allow me to do. But I’m looking forward to more updates of Webflow ;) It completely revamped the way I create websites!

I can’t really say anything about the webydo thingy, because I haven’t tested it. I probably will never since its reviews both here at forum and over the internet are telling me it’s not worth my time.


I just took a look at the CMS features of webydo and I really hope webflow incorporates this type of functionality into the next version.

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Yes! Soon please. I was considering giving Webydo a test drive but in their “spotlight” sites I couldn’t find a responsive design and feed back doesn’t look good.