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New Darts Website - Finished!

Hi everyone,

here’s the website:

This has been a massive project with over 1500 images (plus around 700 collection items) and is testament to the Webflow staff and the capability of the Webflow app.

Thanks for looking!!


Wow, good job, the numbers are impressive, and the site looks very good, kudos!

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Hi @vincent,

Thanks for taking a look, and the kind comments!

Awsome @harrows! :smile:

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Lovely site, those images are so dynamic and engaging. :smiley: Maybe add a float in effect when scrolling down on a page like “Soft Tip?”

I’m a former dart player, this brings me back to those days :smiley:


Thanks again for the feed back.

@MinewireNetwork ah good idea! funny you should say that; with our old website, we had the darts sliding in from the side as you scrolled down on the product page. - Thanks though, as i might implement your float idea into the list pages.

@jorn Good man, what made you stop? Get back on the Oche!


good work, like it :wink:

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Don’t know really, but maybe it was a good thing, every practice evening after work was beer involved. I like beer but that amount are not good for your health :grinning:

I have a unused dartboard at home, maybe it’s time to put it up on the wall and teach my children how to play :smiley:


@harrows is this site hosted on webflow, using webflow cms? Wondering because I thought it was really fast loading.

@jorn Hehe, yeah fair enough - a lot more people play it as a sober sport these days believe it or not lol
Yeah good idea, get that board back up! (maybe a nice set of Harrows Darts as well :wink: ).

[quote=“jorn, post:10, topic:22501”]
is this site hosted on webflow, using webflow cms?
[/quote] Yes it’s on the webflow CMS hosting plan.

[quote=“jorn, post:10, topic:22501”]
Wondering because I thought it was really fast loading.
[/quote] Really? That’s great! Have you used webflow hosting before?

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Professionally I’m using webflow as a UX/UI tool(maybe my company website, building it right now), not actually launching sites for clients. Privately just my own portfolio and a few other projects, hoping to be more soon. My portfolio is WF hosted but its quite small so i cant really tell(it seriously needs a redesign :grinning: )

“So sweety now that you have thrown your three darts, bottom up your pint, order a new one, and go get your darts from the board…”

“Oh wait a minute…”



“Ok children, before we even throw that first dart we have to drink at least two pints”

This site is beautiful and visually stunning with all the imagery @harrows :slight_smile:
Tiny detail, but don’t forget to add a favicon :wink:

Excellent utilization of the CMS!

@Waldo Thank you for the lovely comments!

Also i’d like to thank you on pointing out the favicon, (turns out i uploaded an svg. Just uploaded a png - i think it’s up now?)

Yep it’s up now @harrows :smiley: excellent work! Would you be willing to share your Read-Only link for the community to see how it was built? :slight_smile: This is just a great example of utilizing the CMS if you can share that’d be awesome.

How to Share a Read-Only link to your site:

Thanks for the confirmation @Waldo.

I’m not sure if i would be allowed to, from fear of the competition having a peak as “borrowing” ideas seems to be a theme in our industry.

I think i may have pushed it by openly saying i have used webflow on here hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have a think about it, as i’d like to give back to the community that i have learnt so much from!

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Totally understand! Thank you for sharing your work with the community @harrows :slight_smile: we all appreciate it! :smiley:

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A-May-Zing… I love it! I’ve also been working on some websites myself now for 2 years!.. good things take time and I I can see you’ve spent a considerable amount of time on this. Your website conforms to many of ‘web marketing’ standards. Certainly professional, clear and concise… in fact it’s that good that although 25 years ago I played darts at a semi-professional level, I almost feel liking taking up the sport again. Your website is more than inspiring, it’s outstanding! Global connections is your next step.

I’m really looking forward to some constructive criticism when reveal my web work end of Jan/Feb 2016.

Love you guys!


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