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Never thought I could design this good without prior experience - My new project

Hello community,

It’s incredible to be a part of the no-code generation. Without any design (coding) background, I’m able to design something beautiful with the help of Webflow. :innocent:

Just put together a website for my new product - PostmastR

I’m sure I must have left a lot of holes open, and there’s a lot to improve further. Any feedback/suggestion is super valued.

Quick background - We’ve been curating social media content for time-poor founders, early-stage startups, and developers. Owing to their dynamic obligations, we’re putting together a new product to start creating social content with PostmastR. The plan is to keep our users’ business socially active in a beautiful manner without having to hire expensive agency/professional.


Smashing effort so far! :+1:

Some feedback;

  1. Use flexbox for the main heading > justify center > align center
  2. Full page menu should have a close button (I love that the home icon closes the menu but this is not obvious)
  3. Responsive view needs adjustments (see attached image)

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Thanks, Naweed. Really appreciate your time :blush:

ON your feedback. Strange, fixed that responsive thing two days ago, and it’s back.