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Problems Setting Up Custom Domain

Trying to get my DNS set up and Network Solutions is weird. Can anyone help?
Not sure what to put where in the records.

Thank you!

Hi @Sid,

the records you have screenshot look correct.

However, looking at your live site I can see it is still hosted on your old hosting provider (Isomedia), and your DNS entries for the site are not showing any Webflow info at all.

Can you check to see if there are any other DNS records with ‘A’ records that point to

If those records are still in you DNS records they will need to be deleted.

It also looks like there are 2 nameservers being referenced: and

You have to ensure only one set of records. and delete the others.

Also, remember it can take time for the DNS records to be updated (propagation) worldwide, so need to be patient for the new site to load.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks Kieran! You’re probably seeing that I put our nameservers back to I did that because we lost our email!!! I’m working with our old provider to see if they can help me with this since I’m keeping them for our email (can’t with webflow). The guy at Network Solutions said that it would be best if we used our current provider to just do forwarding of the web traffic to webflow’s server while keeping the email MX with them. Not sure if that’s true yet! I’m a an art director/copywriter and I can’t stand this stuff. I was hoping webflow would shield me from this stuff! I’m a refugee from Adobe Muse. Thanks again!


you can have the DNS records (including MX - email records) at either host, just need to make sure they’re complete records.

If you need more hands on help let me know, I’m willing to walk you through it.
DNS records can be a nightmare if your not sure of what you’re doing!

I’m in New Zealand (current time writing this reply is Sunday 1:11pm)


Hey Kieran,
Thank you for the advice. I finally had my old web host change the DNS for me and it worked perfectly! Thanks again!

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