Nested category

Hi there!
I’m trying to make nesting categories in webflow.
I need to achieve a main category template where inside I have a series of topics and each of them contains some items.

Category 1 > topic 1 (item 1, item 2), topic 2 (item 1, item 2)…

The categories are all different while the topic could be the same in the different categories.

How can I achieve it? I leave below a small template for clarification.

Thanks everybody

Hey @daniele, to avoid the nested collection limit. you should set your Category level as pages. In this case you should have 3 Collections: Category, Topic and Item.

In the Category Collection Template, add a Collection List set to Topic, then nest the Collection list that is set to Item. Bear in mind the Item will be limited to 5 by default unless you get into custom coding.

Edit: I dont think you’ll face a problem with having topic being in different categories. That should just be a matter of referencing.

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Thanks for the replay @dennyhartanto. If I understood correctly I should manually create a page for each category and having the category collection just to reference the item to the right category and filter content appropriately.

Hi @daniele, the category doesn’t need to be a static page. You can use the Collection Template for that. The latter part you got it right.