Categories, subcategories and blog posts


I’m trying to create a site with categories, subcategories and blog posts.
I created separate collections with reference fields.
I placed a collection list in the category template page. I need the collection list to show different items for each category (and subcategory)

For example:
Categories: countries, religion, philosophy, science
Sub category for countries: Asia, Africa, America
Blog post for Asia: India, China, Bangladesh

I want each category template page to enable me to show the relevant subcategories.
“Religion” category needs to direct the user to different subcategories than “Countries”.
“Asia” subcategories need to direct the user to different blog posts than Africa".

How do I draw different information into the collection list?

Here is my public share link:

This article is helpful for your issue?

In general webflow not fully support (yet) this slug idea (3 Levels of hierarchy):
main > Africa > Nigeria > Single Post

But you find ways to handle this:

Three collections example

**Important: There is more than one way to solve this

3 lists (one for tours. One for parent - countries. One for child - cities).

Create city paris (Add country ref feild).
Create country France.

[AAA Point - See below]: Bind Paris to france.

Create tour Eiffel tower. Under ref-feild-country Select France.
Under ref-feild-city select paris`. That’s it.

Now you could create three pagelists:

  1. main > tours page (show all tours) - single page (Not CMS generate page).

2.Slug main/counties (Filter by current country)
Manually create this breadcrumb: main > tours > France

  1. City collection page (Filter by current city).
    Manually create this breadcrumb: main > tours > France > Paris
    [AAA Point]: Here we use the binding of France and Paris to create dynamic breadcrumbs (When you select “New York” The country will be “USA”).

** Create the breadcrumbs manually. Example:

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply:-) I’m trying to work with it, this is not very easy…
Is placing a breadcrumb a must?

I need to have each category show different thumbnails leading to the subcategories. I created a collection list wrapper for this purpose. This is my flow:

Explore countries --> world regions—> specific country

I used collection template pages for each one. (If I understand correctly the top level page should be a regular page, not CMS, correct?)

Under “world regions” I have a selection of 8 different regions. Each one of these regions is a page with thumbnails of that specific region. How do I get the collection list to show different countries, depending on the world region?