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How use Collection templates?

Hello everybody,
i really don’t understand how use collection templates: i’ve create several CMS collections (Categories, Subcategories, Products) and i’ve design inside the blank “CMS collection templates”. But how i recall these templates or how i use theme?
My web pages: Home, Categories, Subcategories, Products;
CMS collection templates: Subcategories template, Products template
So when in the Categories webpage i click on categories N.3, i would direct to a page of all subcategories dipending to Categories N.3.
So in this process how i could use the Subcategories template?
Many thanks for any help.

I didn’t follow your entire post but collection templates exist as individual pages to represent every entry in a collection. So for example, your products template would have a products template page that will auto generate new pages based on every product that you add. You do not need to use these template pages if you do not wish you. The best use of these template pages is to auto create pages based on a blog template for example. Where you create 1 template for your entire blog post and then every new post you create follows that blog post template you designed. I hope this helps.

If you are new to the CMS, I suggest watching the videos at

Many thanks DFink, i’ve watched and studied many times the webflow courses, and i’ve realize this:

If you could watch this, i’ve a Homepage with my 6 categories, and i if click on the 1st one (for example) BELLE ARTI, i need to redirect to a page like “Sottocategories template” where are shown all the Subcategories of my 1st Categories.
But or i’m complete dummy or i don’t understand how.
Is one year i’m a customer of Webflow, but after make my easy webpages like, i’m trying to create something better but i’m stopped since many months.
At first i didn’t understand that images could not be used as you have them, but is needed to create a perfect gallery with perfect and identical dimensions for every items, and now this. I’m really downhearted.

Hello, @ste196free.

First of all, you gave us an incorrect link. Here is information how to share a read-only link:

I think I understand what do you want and will try to explain.
When you are adding a Dynamic list to the page, every of its Dynamic item automatically connected to the particular template page of this collection. It means that if you added the Dynamic list of “Categories” collection, you can point every item to its Categories Template page.

All you need to do is :slightly_smiling:

  • take a link inside the Dynamic item,
  • go to its settings panel and pick option, which highlighted with purple color
  • click on the dropdown with words “Choose a detail page”
  • Choose a an option “Current Category page”

Here is example :

Then, if you want that user would see a subcategories on that page, you are going to add a Subcategories Dynamic list to the Categories template.

Hope I was able to explain.