Need to hire a real code fixer ASAP


I’m working on a project in Webflow for a client, and deadline’s coming up fast. However, now, stuck on a few “small” yet vital issues I can’t figure out. I’m not sure how much this will cost, and obviously I can’t charge my client (they’re just expecting things to work), but case in point - I’ve just wasted a full day of my life today on one problem, and I still can’t figure it out. So… help!

Anyway, long story short, these are my problems at the moment:

  1. Momentum Scrolling on iOS Overflow Elements - glitch
  2. Form popup selector text cutoff on mobile iphone - bug?
  3. Drop down nav menu not adhering to placement - bug?
  4. How to make div the page height? (not view, but page) - design

this concerns the 2nd page of this site:

I’m also working on a different “skinned” version of this at the same time, that’s supposed to have at least problem #1 above fixed for handoff to some angularJS developers in 2 days. yikes! yes.

So, if you can fix the above, starting with #1, and then also be on call (via email) for some possible last minute issues that might crop up, I’d love to hire you, if I can afford it. So, please, check those out, and then PM me your fee estimate or rate, or email me direct at (probably better to email me, as not sure if notifications come through well from this forum).

thank you!