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Seeking to Hire WebFlow Designer ASAP - Hourly

Hi and help!
I am a designer and I am fresh to Webflow. I bought two templates to start working with clients thinking I could figure out everything quickly, but have run into some issues ranging form mobile formatting, custom add ons, etc. I have two sites that I need help with.

Site 1: is - I hired someone to help fix the bugs ad the site looks great, but my client isn’t able to upload anything new from the editor. The person I hired hasn’t been available and I need to solve this problem. This is very time sensitive as my client has been waiting for weeks.

Site 2: - This needs a a wide range of fixes. It isn’t woking well on mobile and tablet and formatting is a bot off on desktop depending of the browser size, some animations are glitchy or not working at all, I want to add instagram photos to the navigation menu, Would be cool to add a stamped curser, I would like to adjust the design in the shopping page - product template.

If anyone is available and interested, I would really appreciate it!

Hi @Jennifer_Pearl, thanks for your message, hope your safe!

I can help you solve these issues with no problem, I have more than 5 years working with Webflow and 8 working with Design Studios on web development.

Would you like me to see it tonight? No strings attached!

Let me know,


Hey Carlos, You too. Hope you are also safe!

That would be amazing! I can shoot you an email?

@Jennifer_Pearl yes of course!

My email is:

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Hi Jennifer,

If you are still looking for a designer, I would be glad to help.

I have over 5 years Webflow experience and working hourly is fine with me.

Feel free to contact me by private message or teresa @ (without the spaces)