HIRED THANK YOU! Looking for a mentor to help me fix my project

I finished my first Webflow project. However I observed several issues with it. My classes became at one point one big mess and it became a problem when working with different breakpoints, some layouts are not ideal and the responsivity is not 100% either.

I am looking for somebody, who could look into those issues (I would share a project and my analysis), but instead of fixing them for me I would prefer a mentoring session, where you could explain to me, what is the issue and how I can fix it myself.

If possible I would prefer a flat rate for such a session, or as accurate estimate as possible (with hourly rate). Anything above pre-agreed amount would have to go from my pocket, which I would like to avoid. Thanks and don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

Hope you are doing well,
We are a CMMi level 3 company equipped with 650+ Professionals and serving our clients around the globe, at very effective rates.
Please strike a conversation so we can discuss further about your current needs.
Also, you can Skype me: cis.scott or email me: scott@cisinlabs.com
Will be glad to work with you.

Hello there,

I would be glad to assist you to fix the issues.

Please get in touch with the below contact details so that we can discuss this further.

E - alanjones(dot)tis(at)gmail(dot)com
Skype - live:.cid.6a62b7b34d1aa390

Looking forward to your response

Alan Jones

Hope all is well!
I would like to assist you.
Kindly reach me via skype/email.

Lauren W.

Hi Selmira,

I understand the challenge when you start learning this application. If you need best practices and advice we can talk on phone and do a screencast. Let me know what’s the best time. You can go to my site and get a Consultation questions and best practices service. I’ll be glad to help.

Hey Katrina,

I am webflow developer from India and have been developing with webflow for the past 2 years. currently working as a contractor with many agencies across USA and UK. I have very good experience in developing scalable cms websites.
When comes to webflow and responsive issues, it’s usually much deeper issues than it seems on the surface, and would love to have a look at your project and help you. I would prefer spending time on understanding issues making you understand good practices and teaching you rather than me doing it all.
I am open for live calls to help you. reach out to me at omkar@kraftysocio.com to discuss it further.
Thank you

Good Morning
I have gone through all your requirements and and we can surely assist with you the same .

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waiting for your response Please Reply
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