Looking for someone to fix a few bugs on a finished site ASAP

Hey y’all!

The site I’ve built is nearly ready to be launched but there’s a few bits that need fixing.

Here’s the current task list

  1. Stop animations from flickering on Safari

  2. Prevent signup form from colouring the input fields yellow when filled by autocomplete. (I’ve added the code for this already but now the text is invisible) :man_facepalming:t5:

  3. Stop the signup form from automatically scrolling up the screen when input fields are filled using autocomplete

  4. Fix an issue causing three elements to unexpectedly disappear/reappear when scrolling

  5. Not actually sure if this will be an issue because I have no way to test this yet, but one of our forms is inside a slider and contains 2 dropdown menus. I’m assuming on desktop sites the slider will clip any of the menu’s content that extends past the slider’s box.

I’ve tried fixing many of these myself but I think I’ve exhausted all my other options, so looking for someone that can help with this quickly or at the very least I’m happy to pay for advice on the things I can fix myself easily.

Here’s our site

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