PLEASE Help with some small website issues!

My website is 90% finished, but there are some small details and bugs that I can’t figure out how to fix! I am looking for an expert who can help fix the bugs and details & willing to pay by the hour.
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Website -
read only - Webflow - Defient Final 2023


  • On desktop the portfolio pictures are not opening their works container
  • On mobile, sometimes the video does not auto-play
  • On mobile, certain pictures do not load.


  • In the about section 2 - I would love to make the 3 sentences from each block fade in and fade out as you continue to scroll, instead of moving up and down.

  • I would love to make the video on the home page full screen instead of half screen - so that the “sentences appearing as you scroll” effect happens over the video as it plays.

  • any other unique detailed UI UX animations that would make the site feel more detailed and interactive.

Hello @Sidney_Swift

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Thank you!