Need help with building my site. Navbar development


I have cloned a navbar and am in the process of styling it. I renamed the classes to my liking, and have duplicated a dropdown menu for 2 dropdowns. I would like to change the image of the second dropdown, but I cannot find where the image is located in order to change it. I would really appreciate some help and possibly someone to look over the site to tell me where the image is located, and maybe to review the structure. This is the first site I am working on for a paying client so I need to make it look good! Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

here is my read only link: Webflow - Superior Surface

Thanks Stan, I ended up finding that, thank you. I should have known lol.

I have a new issue where my dropdown link is not linking to the right section on a different page, but linking to a page I no longer have on the site. Any idea why this would be happening? I migrated all of my pages to the paid site plan. Here is the new read only.

I am trying to link the PPF link within the “Automotive” dropdown to the automotive-ppf section on my “Automotive” page.

hi @Shane_Streamline you can try first read this instruction on WFU and here on forum are also solved requests that explain how to… Try first read these solution if there is some that will help you to understand how they are done. You can use advanced filter on search to find only solved issues

I have this page pulled up already, and I entered in the URL#page-section associated with the section I am trying to link and am still having issues. I can try to dig for a resolved issue. Thanks

maybe I just need to publish!! hope that will solve

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.58.41 PM

this is what i have in the link url

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.58.49 PM

this is the url it links me too.

I no longer have the automotivetest in my pages?

I did duplicate the site to preserve any previous work I have done, but have removed the unwanted pages from this site

hi @Shane_Streamline are are some links I have just now found on forum. Read each one if you will find what need to be done correctly.

Thank you.

I am really new to webflow and development in general so I am sorry to be a pain. This is what I have gathered from those articles:

I am still confused how it links to a slug that I have not specified, and that I dont even have in my pages anymore?

Does my button “PPF” need to have an ID as well? I have the desired selection ID’ed correctly already.

followed by adding to the link settings URL /automotive?tab=automotive-ppf#(link ID)?

If I need to add that custom script, is this where I place it?

no worry You do should not feel like that as everyone here was once beginner.

these are another responses from link of list I have posted before

first try to create redirect without full URL. If this will work try to use full url https:// .... to see what happened.

Even when I link to page Automotive, it still routes me to …automotivetest ? Is this because I used to have a page called automotivetest? or because I duplicated the site and have another site in my webflow dashboard that has the page automotivetest?

I am still having trouble with my link sending me to a slug that no longer exists on my page that I am aware of. What are some possible reasons causing this?

You can try to clear cache.

that did not fix it. Is there any other resource for me to ask how to resolve this issue? Or can I share any more information that might explain why this is happening? It is only happening for this one “automotivetest” slug.

it depend on where is your page hosted and how cache is managed on your hosting. Try to google “webflow clear cache” for more information as result will be many forum links with identical issue. Read thru them to understand how cache works, but as all requests issues are specific you can from these responses get an idea how what to try to solve it.

been looking… poor resources online. Currently trying to clear cache on webflow.