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2 responsive nav bars

Hi there,

New to all this but very impressed with the product, being a novice I am having difficulty getting my double navigation system to rise and lower accordingly, I can alter the margin distance but when you stretch the responsive points it wont follow underneath accordingly, I want the second nav bar and any section I place underneath to respect what is above.
Am I going about the nav bars wrongly or is it a simple fix?

Thanks in advance

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Hey @Shaun,

Welcome to the forum :smiley:

I am having trouble understanding what exactly it is that you are trying to do… Can you elaborate or show an example?

Hi and thanks for replying,

As you can see the first image is all lined up nicely.

And the second images shows the smaller window but when it resizes each layer they create each layer going behind and loosing info.

Why do you need 2 different navigation bars for that? Can’t it be different sections inside the same navigation?

To be honest I couldn’t find a way to add a separate section below that was independent yet inside the wrapper.

Came back to check on you and… WOW!
The website has progressed !!! NICE :smiley:

I see you changed the double navbar to a single one. Good job!

Yes sorry for the late reply, had my head down and gone about it differently now and took on board the advice of one navbar.

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