HELP Sticky Nav Bar Logo Change

I have been able to change the scrolling sticky nav bar on my desktop version of this template, but have been unable to figure out how to update the sticky nav on the tablet and mobile versions.

I need to update the logo and also some information on the dropdown hamburger menu.

Please help!

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Hi Shannon,

Couple of things going on here. First of all, for whatever reason (I assume this was a template), this design contains two seperate navbars. One of them appears on scrolling through the mobile breakpoints, and the other is the normal one that you’ve updated with your logo and such. So, I would just delete the ‘fixed-navbar’ element altogether, and also all of the duplicate ‘Navbar’ elements. Then, you’re left with your menu as expected that you can edit as normal.

Doing this will leave you without the menu hugging the top of the page as a user scrolls, but this can be corrected by applying position: sticky to the one remaining Navbar element.

Does this put you on the right track? Let me know!

Thank you this helpful. I just need to understand what, where and how I delete the nav bar and also how to make the existing one sticky? I’m new to Webflow and have watched all of the tutorials I can, but I get stuck from time to time on the specifics of this template. Thanks so much!

Hi Shannon! Sorry for the delay. I just took another look at your project and it looks like you’ve got it all fixed up. If you need any more assistance, definitely give me a shout!