How to change a simple image?

For some reason I can figure out how to change certain images and then struggle with others. I am trying to change this image on my ABOUT page and for the life of me I cannot figure out where to find it to change. Please help!

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hi @Shdebacker I will strongly recommend to visit WFU to learn how to work with this platform and feel free to use this forum as source of solutions before you post your request.

I appreciate the reply, but I have already been to the university, watched several videos and tried to find the answer to this one. I have had no problem changing other images. This one in particular I can’t figure out. This is why I’m posting to the forum.

HI @Shdebacker there is no any issue with changing image. As you can see on screenshot I have change it. If you still have issue reach WF support.

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Great. This is actually helpful and was not covered in the video.

hi @Shdebacker it is covered in vide in section 2 “replacing image” and in article section 3 “replace images”. So I have provided information to solve your request within my first response.

Please as issue doesn’t persist close your request as solved by checking appropriate response as solution

Thank you