Still can't link to section on another page

Hi, all.

Common question but I’ve read various forum threads but obviously am still doing something wrong. I’m trying to link to a section on a different page; specifically trying to link from Clients page to section-testimonials on the Home page.

Grateful to anyone who can help.

Here’s my share link: Webflow - NY Ampworks

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Parts_Labor_strategy, I have answered this answer in another thread today already, so let me leave the link below:

Does that help you out? Let me know.


The linking options in Webflow support linking to another page, or linking to a section on the current page. If you want to link to a section on another page, then you need to use the URL option and tell Webflow exactly where to go, in this case I believe it’s…


That starting forward slash is essential, since you want the browser to navigate to your homepage before it tries to scroll to that section.

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