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NEED HELP: I added DNS records to my domain but my website won't open

Here’s my DNS records. Does anyone know why my website won’t open to my domain?

Here is my site Read-Only:
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

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@cyberdave Hi, could you please help me with this issue?

Welcome to the forum!

Your A records seem OK.

Your CNAME is missing a character, there is a . at the end of the value and you have to put it.

So, the value of your CNAME should be and not

Thank you so much! I’m not sure why dreamhost won’t let me to put that dot

Unexpected… I searched a bit about that but found nothing.

The dot at the end of hostname in CNAME is a weird thing. Maybe Dreamhost is adding it by itself?

Thanks Vincent. This message is from Dreamhost support: "In the provided fields, you want to add “www” in the first field and “”, but without the period at the end (as shown in your screenshot) as it should not be needed when setting up the record in
our panel.

Once you’ve created that new CNAME for WWW, give it no more than a couple
of hours (if not sooner) for the DNS to resolve before the WWW services
are up and active."

I just added CNAME without the dot at the end again. I’ll wait for a couple of hours to see if it gets published or not. I’ll get back to you

Thanks Vincent, Dreamhost support told me the dot doesn’t need to be added in their panel. I just added the CNAME record without the dot I’ll give it a couple of hours and then I’ll get back to you.

It’s connected now. Thank you!

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