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CNAME dns record wont connect

Hi there,

Can anyone help me with publishing my site?
I followed the instructions in the webflow video regarding DNS records etc.

But my CNAME record has been stuck on issues detected for 5 days now and I need to get the site up. I have contacted the domain provider ( but they have yet to respond. Can anyone spot any mistakes I may have made?

here are screenshots of the dns records in webflow and ghandi:

here is my read-only link:

Thank you.

You have to put a dot at the end of the value.



ah, Im an idiot

Thanks vincent.

Oh you answered too soon, I had drawn smileys


E-VE-RY-ONE did it before you, so no, just normal :joy:

:joy: hah

smileys appreciated

well that’s reassuring, thanks lol