Issue of publishing website


I’m having issues with publishing my website on a custom domain.

I’ve updated the DNS records as instructed (see image below):

Webflow says that my domain is connected:

However I get this error when I try and open the website URL:

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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So a few things here.

  1. A Records. You should have two A records. Both need a host name of @ and the two up addresses are: and so remove the www A record and replace it with a second @ towards the other IP.

  2. Trailing dot. Some DNS hosts require trailing dots at the end of domains. You will need to add a . After the value of your CNAME record.

  3. Default domain. The default domain in Webflow needs to be the www version. Click make default next to that and then remember to Publish your site again. :+1:

Those three things should fix you up.

You have two records set specifying www.

If I recall correctly there are two A records to specify for the root domain, each with a different IP and then you can set a www CNAME as you have.

A general DNS rule; there shouldn’t be a CNAME with www if you have an A record with www.