Need Drag and drop feature in created CMS collection


We have using Woldie Template & in that template Team Member collection CMS has created. But we want to this collection item is in drag & drop Feature because currently its coming latest added come first.

Please help us on it.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Sattar. Please update your post and provide a read-only link to your Webflow project so we can take a look. Instructions are here.

Also, to clarify, are you trying to change the order these items appear in on your site, or when viewing your collection on the backend? Thanks!

Hi Chris,

Read Only Link - Webflow - Dickensonworld 2.0

I need to change the order of these updated items in backend CMS & also the front end page as per my order sequence. Like I need to move down the first item easily via drag in below.

Hi Sattar,

Drag and drop would be pretty handy, but wouldn’t change the order on your live site. You can solve both problems by continuing to fill in your Order Number field for each CMS item. After that, you can select your collection list in the elements panel and change the Sort Order to Order Number, Smallest to Largest (or whatever your preference is).

In the backend, you can also sort by one of your CMS item’s attributes by clicking this little icon all the way on the right-hand side image and selecting the column you want to sort by, then clicking the column header (just like in a normal spreadsheet).

Hi Chris,

I did not get you. Suppose if organisation will hire one new employee which is normal manager & we need add his profile something between in middle. So how we will do.

Please share us same in demo video how to do it.


Hi Sattar, Multiple options here.

You can create multiple collection lists on your page and use the Filter option to limit via position / whatever category you choose, and then also apply any sorting you wish.

You can also add a field to your database that is not displayed on the page, but indicates position and is used as a stacked sort order. You can set up a sort order to first sort by this new position tag (it could even just be a number) and the second sort order by name.