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Need design-oriented Webflow freelancer

I built a website using Webflow and it is fully functional and works great. What I need is a design-focused freelancer who can take the existing design / template (simple, vertical scrolling page) and take it to the next level with a cohesive, modern, flat design. Please let me know if you can help and include a few links to your past work. Willing to pay $200 for this project. I’m happy to provide links for inspiration if we engage. Thanks!

May be able to help. I’m looking for more opportunities to work with Webflow. Flat/Modern design is no problem.

Good luck either way!

If you can find someone willing to do this for $200 jump on it. I generally would charge $500 and up for a job like this depending on how involved it is unless it was literally just tweaking the design without any major changes. But I wish you the best of luck.

A link to your webflow site may help. Your budget is too low as DFink mentioned though.

Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it. Maybe I wasn’t specific enough in my description: I just need someone to pick a new color palette, shapes, etc. Shouldn’t be more than two hours of work. In any case, for anyone else reading this, please let me know if you’d be interested in helping, thanks!

I could have a look :slight_smile: I’ll PM you details.

This definitely sounds interesting! Feel free to check out my re-branded site!

Chat Soon,

  • Luis Leon

You’re talking about just taking an existing template and making some minor design/UI changes right?
Not a complete re-design from scratch.

That’s correct. Just a re-design. Thanks!

you still haven’t found someone to help you out ?

In that case let me know if you need someone to do this. You can check out my work at


I’m also looking for a webflow designers to build out about 5 sites a month at a reasonable rate. I only need a homepage design and inner page design for my clients.

Please PM me with your webflow work and rates.