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Webflow Designer Needed

Hey there,

I’ve been using webflow for a few months now and I love it, but I’m not that great of a designer. What I am good at, are sales. I have hundreds of local business in my city that want new, responsive websites and I need a reliable designer to get these done for me.

If you are interested, please PM or email me here: and I can send you the exact details.


Just a heads up to anyone thinking about messaging this guy. He is trying to create a subscription based design service for businesses, designing them before hand and trying to sell the site to the company. Then you would get $40 per month for each site he sells with no extra money for redesigns or anything. He also thinks websites can be created from scratch in 2 hours. I think he is grossly underestimating what web designers do but YMMV.


thanks for the heads up! =) …