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Looking for Webflow Designers


I look for somebody who can make some pages from scratch in the webflow system. All pages are visible in HTML / CSS3 at the moment. All work is communicated and paid through Odesk.

Please send me a mail if you could do this for me.



The best place to find a designer for webpages is Reddit. There are many people with the skills that may be needed to help you. Here is the link to get to the Reddit For Hire page:

Nobody who can do this ?

Well yes, it is unlikely that you would find someone who can use Webflow, but you still have two options:

  • to ask a designer on Reddit if they could look into Webflow and they might look into how easy it is to use;

  • or simply find a designer with a professional, impressive portfolio who is within your budget - I don’t see a reason they have to use Webflow, they can still build beautiful, responsive websites without it.

Considering the small number of active users currently in the Webflow forums, it is unlikely you will find a designer here (but not impossible).

Come back in a few months, however, and I’m sure there will be a much larger, active community with several users willing to make a Webflow site for you.

Hi Julien,
we’re a small web-agency from switzerland. We are creating websites also with webflow (like this one:
If you need a design-service please feel free to contact us:
Regards: Dirk

I don’t understand this. Are you asking someone to create a website FOR YOU in webflow? Or are you trying to find someone to HIRE YOU to create their website in webflow?


I hope to find somebody who can make a website in webflow for me. I give an example of a designed website on internet.


In that case, I can create a website for you. This is an example of a site I just designed using webflow

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Hi All,

I recently started my own digital consultancy/advisory company, and have a couple of projects for clients where I’d like to use Webflow to migrate off existing sites. Both myself and my customers are based in London.

In particular I have an urgent requirement for probably a week or so of work, but with support ongoing for other projects. Would suit a freelancer as a short project, or could probably be done part-time.

Please email if you’re able to help so we can arrange a call. In the meantime, I’ll scour the forums etc.

Many Thanks

Hello all,
I can help if someone need it. Send me a PM and your request and we can talk about it. English or Spanish.
I’ve started working with webflow only a few months ago, but I have worked as a web designer for 10 years.
All the best.

I am a web designer

Hi guys, I’m more than happy to help with any kind of design work. Feel free to message me on my personal email:

Here are some sites I’ve designed using just Webflow and Photoshop…

Look forward to hearing from you

Harry :slight_smile:

Hi man, I’m a designer. You can check the two webflow websites I made on my profile:
If you like what you see, I’m available.